Crete, there you can relish retsina, in a tavern on the boulevard.
Crete Discovery
Crete, I whispered, Crete……………………….………………………………………..and my heart beat faster!
This land looked like terrific Proza: well thought-out, clear minded, free of over praisal, powerful yet retained. It steered away from all rhetoric: what it was saying, it said with a with a certain muscular strictness. But between the harsh lines of the land people discovered a sensitivity and tenderness,  that they hadn't expected at first. Here and there was a wild fig-tree, a tamarix, a couple of cypress and a reed tuft. In the sheltered valleys smell the lemon and orange trees.         
Kissamos -  Ekklisia Arxistratikos Michail Koleni - Ekklisia Agios Panteleimonas Lissos - Ekklisia Agois Kirikos Sougia - Ekklisia Agia Irini Crete, there you can enjoy walking past the beach, searching for seashells and stones.  Crete, there you can walk for hours, on donkey-trials, through woods and over mountains. Crete, there  you can get to know the Cretians who are so warm-hearted and guest friendly. - Crete, there  you can at ease, and become human again.  Crete, there you can get used to the lovely smells, of the trees, plants and the sea.   Crete, there you can enjoy Crete as it is, live it. Crete, there you can enjoy all the small churches and chapels and find youself!
Kissamos - Plaka beach
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Welcome on my website about Crete, and then in particular, the area in the Northwestern part of Kastelli- Kissamos. Sougia, a village in the South, is also often visited by us.
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