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Nopigia - Ravdoucha
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Samaria gorge walking
The Samaria gorge (16km) one can Kissamos book at the office of Strata tours and cost € 30,00 for the transfer by minibus to the start of the Samaria gorge at Omalos. The entrance fee for the gorge is €5,00 per person, keep the ticket you must return it agian at the exit of the gorge. For € 2,50 one can be taken to the end of the gap with a bus to Agia Roumeli.  By boat from Agia Roumeli to Palochora costs € 17,20. The departure point is the office of Strata tours Kissamos. Upon arrival of the ferry in Paleochora the minibus of Strata tours will be waiting for the trip back to Kissamos. Between 20:30 to 21:00 hours you are back in Kissamos. Really recommended. (Prices subject to change)
Samaria gorge Boat from Agia Roumeli to Paleochora Samaria gorge
A walk along the coast from Nopigia to Kissamos, one can take the bus/taxi from Kissamos to Nopigia. If one gets off the bus in Nopigia, be careful to cross the main road, it can be very busy. Walk by the new restored church of Ekklisia Panagia wich is to right past the camp site on the bay. One walks back along the bay to Kissamos, halfway ine finds an old factory, indentified by the chimney pipes. Along the way there are aseveral taverns where you can eat and drink something. When you step in Koleni, wich is one step earlier, then one comes along the white Ekklisia Agios Panteleimonas, go to have a visit. Duration of the walk is about 3 hours.
Nopigia - Kissamos
Nopigia - Ekklisia Panagia Nopigia - Ravdoucha Nopigia near the camping
From Kissamos walk one can walk trough Kounopitsa and Galouves, when you past Galouves follow the sandy road on the end of this road, you see an old school of Polyrrinia. To the left of the road, you can see a multiple water tap connections, go straight from there, walk past the 2 house till the corner in the road. On the right hand side you can see a small trail going up, follow this trail. Above to the left is there a bus stop and a tavern where you can eat and drink something. We pass a raki distillery and the shop of Giorgos Tsixlakis, who makes use  of olive wood and object of art. Halfway to the top is a tavern Akropolis, also is there a cache hidden at the top,from the top you have a fantastic vieuw to the area of Kissamos. We are walking back to the bus stop and further down past the bus stop. Following the first sandy trail to the right and continue to follow it until a small white church with a red roof, on you left hand.  On the fork in the road, one goes tright, in the direction of Kounopitsa. Once one arrive in Kounopitsa one can see to the right a smaal church wich seems to be resting on concrete pillars, past the church, a trail goes up, follow this  until a certyain moment you can seeKissamos below. Follow the trail down to Kissamos. Duration of the walk is 3 hours out and 3 hours back.
Kissamos - Polyrrinia - Kissamos 
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